But all was not lost

Vernalis still heard the song of the stars. He and Al Rischa set out to face Four Birds, Lord of Carrion. On their way they confronted Algol, and defeated him, though Vernalis was wounded in the process.

Mimosa still heard the song of the stars. Mirzam approached him with a valuable artifact, a carved tablet of ice with an aura of magic. He agreed to do a service for Senator Altair, and was forced to duel Mizar, lover of Cygna. He then set out to obtain a cargo of diamonds for Mirzam, but his task was complicated by Al Saiduq.

Al Saiduq still heard the song of the stars. He tried to determine the motives of the mysterious X-1 and the Order of the Eclipse, and was sent to guard a caravan of diamond smugglers. Learning that they had been employed by Knight-Senator Capricorn, he went to confront Capricorn and was knocked unconscious, but not before shattering Capricorn’s starlight sword.

Horologium still heard the song of the stars. Determined to find the forces behind the destruction of Kaus Borealis, he met with X-1, who told him that Capricorn had allied himself with Kaus Australius. He reached Tallstar just in time to see Capricorn fleeing, and was taken into custody by the fortress guards, among them one Dabih of Kaus Australius.

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